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Emed Solutions is aforward thinking software company dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare accessibility and efficiency. Founded with a vision to bridge the gap in healthcare services, we specialize in developing innovative software solutions tailored to the needs of healthcare practitioners and patients.

Our cutting-edge technology aims to optimize workflows, enhance patient care, and improve outcomes across the healthcare continuum.


Our mission is to provide efficient and affordable healthcare solutions to everyone, regardless of their financial status. We aim to break down barriers to healthcare access and empower patients and practitioners through innovative technology solutions that promote quality and inclusivity.


Our vision is to create a future where everyone has equitable healthcare access, powered by cutting-edge technology solutions that promote well-being and transform lives. We aspire to revolutionize the healthcare landscape by pioneering advancements in accessibility and efficiency, fostering healthier and more vibrant communities worldwide.

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The four cornerstone values that guide every aspect of our work at EMED Solutions


We approach healthcare with deep empathy, treating every individual with dignity and acknowledging their worth.

Unmatched Expertise

We are committed to constantly seeking better and more innovative ways to deliver healthcare solutions, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.

Integrity and Transparency

We maintain the highest ethical standards and foster trust through transparency in all our interactions and decisions.

Collaboration and Empowerment

By harnessing the power of partnerships, we strive to achieve common healthcare goals, empowering patients and practitioners to make informed decisions for improved health outcomes.


Emed Solutions provides a comprehensive digital platform that seamlessly transitions healthcare facilities from outdated paper-based filing systems to secure digital records. Our solution offers key features and functionalities aimed at optimizing patient care delivery and improving health outcomes.

Patient Wait Time Optimization

Our system empowers healthcare facilities to monitor and optimize patient wait times, ensuring more efficient care delivery and reducing patient frustration.

Intelligent Symptom Monitoring

Early detection of diseases is facilitated through smart software, enabling timely interventions and improving treatment outcomes.

Pharmaceutical Research‚Äč

We facilitate uninterrupted access to essential medications by implementing a medication inventory system, reducing the risk of shortages and ensuring patients receive the medications they need on time.

Medical Records Management

Our platform includes a robust medical records management system with big data analytics capabilities. This allows healthcare providers to access comprehensive patient information, prevent misdiagnosis, and anticipate complications.

The Founders

Founded based on firsthand experiences navigating public healthcare, Witnessed inefficiencies and loopholes, inspiring us to create solutions. ,f Committed to improving access to quality care for all individuals. They are both health care students.

Nkosingiphile Maseko & Ntombifuthi Motaung

Founders & Students

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Johannesburg, South Africa

Nkosingiphile Maseko


Ntombifuthi Motaung


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